With so much talk of transitions in the news today I am facing one of my own.

Taylor is no longer a teenager. He turned 20 yesterday and my feeling are conflicted. Although, this is not a dramatic change in reality, it is an end to an era. He has not been a teenager in many respects for a couple years now. But, today, it is real. He's just fine with it, by the way. Look how happy he is!
Happy Birthaday Taylor!
(Oh, that's my glass of wine)


Katie said…
Happy Birthday Taylor!!
Dorothy said…
Happy 20th Birthday Taylor!!! I am sorry I missed it yesterday. I hope it was fun.

Mom - you will survive this transition. There are good things that come with the change too. It sure does reinforce our aging lines!
Lauren said…
happy birthday taylor!!! it is really weird... i've been thinking to myself lately how strange it is that i only have two months left of being a teenager! i don't want it to end yet!!