The glow of fire

We So Cal inhabitants are enjoying another round of Santa Ana winds. The weather is hot and dry and windy. With that you just know a fire is imminent. Santa Barbara was already burning, as was Corona. Last night, closer to home, Sylmar and Granada Hills went up in flames. The air is thick, the smell of burning is strong. The full moon is a smokey orange haze burning bright in the night sky. Leave it to Mother Nature to remind us of serene beauty amidst our declaration of a state of emergency.
Is Virginia surviving its tornado warnings?


Katie said…
that is beautiful! And we survived, at least for our area, they cancelled the warning around 8pm
Dorothy said…
We have have strong winds but it wasn't too bad in our area. Nothing like the scare of the fires you are dealing with!
Taylor said…
lol its not that bad mom, they do close the freeways and our school pretty cool effect on the moon though