Thanksgiving at Maureen's!

Here's Maureen and Terry working on the gravy. Now this gravy has a 20+ year history of being made ever so carefully by Pat. Over the years, Maureen and I stood by year after year after year as we were so studiously taught the art of gravy making. This is the "culinary masterpiece" of the Holiday dinner. We were taking it on ourselves!!
Too thick, a little more broth, and keep stirring.
The student meets the master. . . success!! She approved.
Dinner is on, it's the "kid table"!!
And there we are. Thanksgiving dinner!
The after dinner poker play offs. . .

And the clean up. Lovely Thanksgiving Maureen!


Dorothy said…
My gravy has many years to be perfected!!! It looks like it was delicious!
Katie said…
I love Thanksgiving food...looks great!