Family Tradition!!

By LA-jan - November 30, 2008

We have a family tradition of going to church Sunday morning followed by going out to breakfast/brunch.

When you have a birthday, you get to choose the restaurant-anyone, your favorite. And you choose anything on the menu.

Of course, when the kids were kids, this was a very big deal. They felt like a King.

Sean had a bithday in Sept. However, his choice was the Empress Pavillion for dim sum. Unfortunately, he has Senior Design on Sunday and had to hurry to school on Sunday. You don't hurry dim sum!

This Sunday was his first Sunday off, this being a Holiday weekend, so off we went to Chinatown.

We got in without a wait! Usually, a minimum of 1-2 hrs is the wait. And we got a seat near the kitchen, usually in most restaurants not desireable, but not for dim sum.

The hot dishes come out of the kitchen and you just ask what it is and either order it or pass it until something you want comes by. This was pot stickers! A winner!

We had tea, rice, pot stickers, chinese broccoli, a chicken noodle thing, a shrimp and pork dumpling, ooh so good, scallop dumpling, it was so wonderful and fun!

Don't these look yummy!!

Grandma at Sunday brunch is another family tradition added about 10 years ago. She was having a great time!

Thanks Sean! This one's a winner!

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