Gutter is up!

Realizing all 3 of them had the Veterans Holiday off, the downed gutter was a priority.

Even my work called and asked me to switch days and so I was off too.

Early, the work began with all three of them on the roof getting acclimated to the height.

In no time at all the real work began in earnest.

You can see all the teaching going on as Terry instructs his students in the basics of home repair. Never miss that teaching opportunity!

Taylor quickly learned what his carpenter pants were designed for!

Finishing up on the second story roof, Taylor now well acclimated to the heights, puts the final screws and nuts in the gutter to secure it in place.

Good job, well done!!


Dorothy said…
Ok - were you on the roof with them to get those photos?!? I am glad it's done!
Lauren said…
congratulations!! i wish we had a guy around to fix all the stuff that goes wrong with our house!
LA-jan said…
I was on the roof. . . holding onto Taylor's legs while he lay on his stomach to reach the gutter and put on the nuts and screws!