The Photo Shoot

By LA-jan - November 23, 2008

Sunday I tagged along on Taylor's photo shoot. We had just had brunch nearby and he planned on the shoot because of the cool telephone booths.

Terry was the subject and had brought along his coat and hat for the shoot. There was a technical aspect, but my take was "old time" black and white.

Taylor set up and Terry got into place. There is glare on the glass (I'm definately not a photographer), but Terry is in the booth.

A few more adjustments. . .

Terry waits in the booth. . .

Taylor sets up the shot. He's taking a shot from inside one booth into the other. Has something to do with focus and non-focus.

Isn't it great!

They were getting a few stares from onlookers.

Propped open the door for light. . . then he had me shield the light from behind with his sweatshirt. . .

For each shot, he records exactly how he takes the shot so that he'll know how to develop each shot in the darkroom.

More downtime. . . what models have to put up with!

Meanwhile, Pat enjoyed a cooking class in Williams Sonoma, then did some shopping. She was so happy at the end of the day, she's never had so much time to herself and kept exclaiming "that was the best time ever"!

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