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Little things, but what an improvement!

OK, now before you judge, I know this is old school technology. We have a chalk board dilemma. No, we HAD a chalkboard dilemma. Years and years ago, when my now adult kids were very small, I put up a chalk board in the kitchen. With days and nights blending and moving without much time to talk between Terry and I, we managed without texting. Nobody texted back then. We didn't have cell phones back then!
Have I lost you that are under 40? Well, the simple message on a chalkboard was our texting. It worked. Yes, there were phones and we did have a daily phone call when he got home with the kids and I was into my shift at work, but there were messages that needed to happen.
Skip to today. Terry and I still use the chalk board. Yes, I have a phone, I text, I keep lists there, calendar and appointments, however, Terry still lives life blissfully without smart devices. He still relies on a chalkboard and a paper calendar. So, it stays. And it is used.
But, it needed refurbishing.

It just looked tired.
And …

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