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March for Science!

Marching again! Yes, once again, feeling the resist bug growing in our bellies, we ready our messages,

and head on downtown to Los Angeles!
At Pershing Square, the entrance, was chalked into
a beautiful Science picture by someone.
We braved the 90 degree heatwave and the sun
was so blinding, many of these pictures were taken blinded by
the intense sun. At 9AM!

And we were an hour and a half before the speakers began!

Standing in the heat, we shaded ourselves with our signs.
There were many impressive ones!

This young lady made hers right there waiting for speakers!

Turned out really great!

The speakers were inspirational, some were motivational,
some humorous. The author of "Hidden Figures" was especially

And then we marched the several blocks to City Hall.

Santa and his helpers were just too darned cute to pass up

A few more quality posters . . .

It was starting to get more and more crowded!

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