Breaking them in

I've never had this happen breaking in new walking shoes. Fifteen years of walking and replacing shoes and I'm stumped. Old shoes on the left, new shoes on the right; I keep the old ones in case the new ones don't work out. I've had that happen and out they go or to the garden or painting shoe. Never had a pair like these: first day walking: perfect. Next day: a blister on top of my 3rd toe. Went back to my old shoes for a couple days. Blister healed. Next time with the new shoes: blister on my heel. Almost ready to ditch them, but something tells me they will work. A couple more days with the old ones, blister bandaid in place. New shoes are perfect again. Stay tuned. . . anyone have a similar experience?


Katie said…
I haven't bought a new pair of tennis shoes in over 2 years.. I don't remember!

Those two pairs of shoes look like they're different sizes
Dorothy said…
I haven't had any issues with my shoes but I'm a light weight walker - I don't go far enough to get blisters! I hope they work out.