We've got Talent in the Neighborhood!

By LA-jan - October 06, 2008

Get in the Bus and let's begin Star Tours!

About a block down the hill and across from "dog park" is the home of John C. Reilly, most recently appearing in Stepbrothers. He just had it painted.

This house is just up the block from us and is owned by a former Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!

The house is on the top of a hill and set back, so we can only see the entrance.

This house is on the street right behind us and a couple doors down from Terry's mom.

The owner is a professor at Cal Arts and has written a Broadway play!

This house is directly across the steet from Terry's mom and not one, but two Emmy award winners reside here.

Behind this foliage, down the street from the Ninja Turtle, lives Sal Lopez and his family. Sal has appeared in Commanche Moon and more recently in the film Astronaut Farmer.

That ends the tour. Now watch your step as you exit the bus! Have a great day!

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  1. That's so amazing!!! I wish famous people lived around here!

  2. I didn't even get Leonardo DiCaprio's dad's house (not for talent, just association)!

  3. How fun! Chris made me see Stepbrothers in theaters.. haha

  4. Oh I love it! I never knew who your neighbors were. Very interesting - plus the houses are so different, they are fun to see.