Are your pumpkins out yet?

By LA-jan - October 23, 2008

We had a couple slow days in the CTICU, very unusual. The nurses got right to decorating for the Halloween season. Someone found these pumpkins and started drawing jack-o-lantern faces on them and putting them on the doors of the patient rooms. Then, another nurse found a picture of one of the critical care attendings and put him in a pumpkin with his always present bowtie. Well, since there are seven attendings, the decorating frenzy was soon underway. Next, came the four surgical attendings. . . notice the "Barry" Potter, the Dr. Frank"Epstein", We have a Hulk, pirate, Batman, Wonder Woman, a tabby, princess, Dracula and the Bee. The happy bosses day just happen to be there from the week before.

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