Tonight is Mexican food!

By LA-jan - October 07, 2008

Terry's cooking one of my favorite mexican dinners. . . chiles rellenos!!

I love my personal chef!

He is using sweet red paceos instead of green chiles, they are beautiful.

Here, I'll give you a close up view! He's already blistered them, peeled and seeded them and stuffed them with cheese and stuck a toothpick in to keep them together.

Don't they look delicious?

He then dips them in an double dip batter. . . first he mixes a flour bath, and then they go into an egg batter that has separated eggs. . . . the yolks mixed with milk and then the whites which were whipped to a peak were gently folded in and provided the second dip before set on the fire to brown. Yum!

. . .while he does all that work in the kitchen, he thought to bring me out a glass of wine with chips and dip to enjoy while I catch up on the debate!


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