Weekend with the twins

I thought I'd share a little weekend with the twins. After doing the shopping for the week, we spent some time with their new bird, a cockatiel. They haven't been able to coax him on their finger yet, but he will sit out and visit with us on his cage door. He can be quite noisy at times.

Soon, it was time to make dinner. The twins were shucking the corn here.

I cooked the chicken and made a mushroom saute to put on top.

Along with shoestring zucchini tossed with parmesan, it made a pretty plate.

We picked flowers from their garden for the table and ate out on the patio. It had cooled down enough from a hot day and the breeze was delightful. We had a visit from the neighborhood cat, "the pretty one", I was informed.

We took a neighborhood walk.
It was just about dark when we got home. Reminded me of "firefly" time of day.


Katie said…
Thanks for sharing your weekend with the twins! I had no idea they had a bird!
Dorothy said…
Oh - thanks for the post of the twins and your weekend with them! I miss getting the updates and seeing pictures of them in their daily events. This was great. I would love to know how you made the mushroom sauce - it looks good!