How's the party decorations look??

I've fininshed decorating and the party is going to start shortly. Just thought I'd take a few pictures and do a quick blog to show you first before anyone arrives.


Don't forget to check out the front yard graveyard!

Oh, this side, too.

Here is the table all ready for guests!

And check out the ghouls hanging in the backyard tree strung with lights.

OOh. . . the witch had an accident. . . does the bench look familiar?? If not, check out an earlier blog on the projects that I have that need doin'.

Backyard has a graveyard, too!

A few tables set up in the back. Weather is great, about 80 today, should be nice out back tonight!

Oh, we passed the buffet. Wine tasting on the left and the food on the right. Gift for whomever bring the best wine by the windows!

One last look before you leave. . . Bye! Hope you had fun!!


Katie said…
I'm so impressed! However, next year I'd like an invitation...we may make it one year! Also, your weather is way better than ours right now!
whittakerwoman said…
I want to know what you ate. Looks so great. H
Lauren said…
That looks like so much fun, I wish we were there!
Dorothy said…
Wow - you can sure put on a party. I wish I had that imagination... I've never seen the white and silver pumpkins before. The whole place looked wonderful.