Happy Halloween!!

By LA-jan - October 26, 2008

Liam, Joe's oldest (and same age as Nolan), Nolan, and Sean say Happy Halloween.

Nolan won best "creepiest" costume!

Eileen, (Sarah Palin) and winner of best costume overall, mom, who won coolest costume, and me party on.

These distinguished ladies discuss politics; Rita, won for scariest costume, and mom.

The girlfriends unite again!!


The "Pollard four".

Reeff family. Pat won for most humorous. You probably can't see the pink angel wings on his back. Jackie won for most original. Melanie was "Fannie May" in overalls, but thanks to the bailout, still has her jewels.

Kevany family, Liam, our entertainment!

Maureen and Perri!

and the Tracy family, Colleen, James and John.

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