Happy 24th Joe!!

By LA-jan - October 23, 2008

We celebrated Joseph's 24th at the twins last weekend. It was a great liitle celebration with everyone. Joe wanted pie, but he was having a cold and after blowing out the candles that kept relighting, he kept blowing. Before long we all realized that we didn't want any of that pie, so we just gave him a fork and said "Go for it"!

We were taking pictures and we noticed how tall Jackie was next to the twins, so we had them stand back to back, sort of, to compare heights. . . pretty close, eh?
Then we checked out the guys. . . alright we all know Joe is the tallest, but then who???

With all the partying, the bird got excited and took flight. . . the avian expert took over and got the bird back to her cage.

Taylor, not to be outdone, befriended the cute little bird until he got on his finger and then climbed up on his shoulder. Taylor walked around for quite a while with the bird being just as happy as can be just sitting there, until nature called and Taylor rethought his desire to befriend the creature this close up.

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