The "Babes" are after Jimmy and 500 pup tents in Griffith Park!

Well, Mom is getting her dose of uniforms in this post,
she's dancing her feet off
and found that black silk skirt she's had her heart set on.

I love it, "the girls were looking dagger at me"!

Doesn't it sound just like her "well, to  say the least, we're flabergasted"!
and "gobs and gobs of soldiers".

They advertise, er, state in the paper "they need 150 more girls"!?!
She has a few more dances for Jimmy and almost a kiss!
Oh mom, what would you have given him? 

What does she mean, "he would vouch for all of us"? I think the
girls need cards that are signed by someone (older respectable)
person to" vouch for their values and behavior". I ran across
a "sponsor card" for the USO dance for mom.
I must find it!


Katie said…
What a life they had. Wish we had found this diary YEARS ago!
Dorothy said…
Such fun to be in such demand. They retain lay lived in the right place for young girls during that time in history. What fun for them.
Dorothy said…
Crazy auto spell checker!