Sick. . . or lovesick. . .

The year is starting off a bit rough for mom. She's not feeling well.
Sore throat, cold. . . and without a letter she really wants to see. . .

"Soldier Crazy" indeed.

We went out digging around and cleaning out mom's room yesterday.
Boy, was I excited to find ANOTHER DIARY! 1943!
And, more soldier letters, some from '42 and '43
none of which I had found earlier.
So, look forward to those when I get a chance to
sort and upload.
Another year coming!
(Oh, and if I get real industrious, I also found a few Gregg Shorthand books.)
Well, a girl can dream. . .


Katie said…
I was just thinking that I WISH we had someone who could read shorthand to translate! Can't wait for 43, too!
Dorothy said…
Another diary! Does it have a title? The next best year of her life????