We have a hummer nesting in the avocado tree outside our living room
window! We had one farther in the backyard avocado tree (we have 3 trees)
a couple years ago, but only discovered it at the end.
This one Taylor discovered as it was first getting built.
She took about 10 to 14 days to build it.
It is sooooo tiny!
It could be so hard to miss! I have tried capturing photos, but my
zoom is not even up to the job! I need a better one, or at least
I am leary about getting too close, but I am researching it.

I found this picture which shows how teeny tiny this nest is.
If you look really closely, those are two teeny tiny hatchlings in the nest!
This person looks like he's getting pretty darn bold!

This is another photo I found that looks just like what we see out our window!
She is now sitting most of the day here, so I am assuming there are eggs.
My research says that she will take 17-21 days to hatch these eggs  (usually 2)
depending on how much time she sits. The less time, the longer to hatch.
She is very busy, on off, and on again. I am sitting there and
can't keep from checking on her!
I can't see at night.
Among other things, she uses spider webbing to attach the nest and in its 
construction to make it strong and to allow it to stretch
when the chicks grow! Kind of like Lycra!
Our hummer built hers in a thin protected limb that would not support any
likely predator and it has its own umbrella of leaves to keep out
the sun and rain!
She just started sitting 2 days ago, so we have a couple weeks to wait!

I'll keep you posted :))



Dorothy said…
You must try a photo of the real nest. It will be like "Where's Waldo!" you can do it!
Katie said…
Pretty sweet! Update us when you see new babies!!