Mom's back to school, feeling better and soldiers, soldiers, soldiers!

What a weekend this is coming up!
As you'll see, she need till Tuesday to finish it!

Those air raid drills continued through the cold war!
I remember in grade school crawling under our desks to the sirens!
Hey, are you wondering what a Peep is?
 Well,  at least I found a picture!

And why called "Peeps"?
 "Jack Keenan, World War II Third Armored Division veteran, wrote that early Willys-Overlands were not called Jeeps. “We called 'em ‘Peeps’.” His contemporary sketches of the vehicles in Louisiana and desert maneuvers were clearly labeled "Peeps." 
Because of all the well-known sketches, they were known as Peeps.
Why does mom say peeps and jeeps?
One source says that 2 wheel drive vehicles were peeps (maybe more lightweight looking)
and 4 wheel drive vehicles were jeeps.
Another source says " the term “jeep” had been around for years before the appearance of the MA / G-503, “used as casual slang in the Army for anything that was insignificant, awkward, or silly...[and] by army mechanics during World War I to refer to any new vehicle.” In 1937, the Popeye comic strip unveiled “Eugene the Jeep,” a character with the ability to go just about anywhere. Zaloga continued, “Jeep crept back into army slang as a term for a new recruit.”  

Kirby, Mickey, Danny; I'm scouring her letters from them, none yet!

For those of us a little rusty on our history, the "Lend Lease Bill" , enacted in 1941,
 effectively ended US neutrality. It supplied about 30 Allied nations
with "credit" for war materials. The Neutrality Act of '39 supplied
war materials only on a "cash and carry" basis, so the cash strapped
European nations hard hit by the war, now 1 1/2 yrs into it,
could not afford to buy material (and maybe used this for soldier pay?)
The Lend Lease was a critical factor in the eventual success of the Allies by
providing some $50 billion in assistance.  

Sounds like Jimmy, despite mom trying to hide it, has a hold over her
something fierce!


Dorothy said…
Janet you are so good at the history so it all makes sense. Thak you! They certainly stayed busy, and mom just pushing Dorothy to come along!
Katie said…
I'm surprised Dorothy wasn't the ring leader