Mom's back to school, feeling better and soldiers, soldiers, soldiers!

By LA-jan - February 19, 2013

What a weekend this is coming up!
As you'll see, she need till Tuesday to finish it!

Those air raid drills continued through the cold war!
I remember in grade school crawling under our desks to the sirens!
Hey, are you wondering what a Peep is?
 Well,  at least I found a picture!

And why called "Peeps"?
 "Jack Keenan, World War II Third Armored Division veteran, wrote that early Willys-Overlands were not called Jeeps. “We called 'em ‘Peeps’.” His contemporary sketches of the vehicles in Louisiana and desert maneuvers were clearly labeled "Peeps." 
Because of all the well-known sketches, they were known as Peeps.
Why does mom say peeps and jeeps?
One source says that 2 wheel drive vehicles were peeps (maybe more lightweight looking)
and 4 wheel drive vehicles were jeeps.
Another source says " the term “jeep” had been around for years before the appearance of the MA / G-503, “used as casual slang in the Army for anything that was insignificant, awkward, or silly...[and] by army mechanics during World War I to refer to any new vehicle.” In 1937, the Popeye comic strip unveiled “Eugene the Jeep,” a character with the ability to go just about anywhere. Zaloga continued, “Jeep crept back into army slang as a term for a new recruit.”  

Kirby, Mickey, Danny; I'm scouring her letters from them, none yet!

For those of us a little rusty on our history, the "Lend Lease Bill" , enacted in 1941,
 effectively ended US neutrality. It supplied about 30 Allied nations
with "credit" for war materials. The Neutrality Act of '39 supplied
war materials only on a "cash and carry" basis, so the cash strapped
European nations hard hit by the war, now 1 1/2 yrs into it,
could not afford to buy material (and maybe used this for soldier pay?)
The Lend Lease was a critical factor in the eventual success of the Allies by
providing some $50 billion in assistance.  

Sounds like Jimmy, despite mom trying to hide it, has a hold over her
something fierce!

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