She went missing 5 days ago

We have a crisis in our backyard.
Our sweet little teeny nest is vacant, almost. . . .
We had a very cold rain last Friday morning.
I checked on our mama hummingbird sitting on her nest.
There she was diligently keeping her nest warm in the cold rain.
The umbrella of leaves were a perfect cover. She looked
very sheltered. And she sat.
Friday was a long day in the office upstairs.
I had a lot of put off paperwork to attend to after working
5 out of 6 days and was behind.
I didn't pay much attention, but the rain was light and had let up.
It was cold. (Almost freezing for us @ a bone chilling 48 degrees!)
It was late in the evening when I checked on her again.
Not there, almost dark.
Later after a couple hours, I checked again. This time, I pulled out
a flashlight to see in the dark.
Empty nest. I was worried.
Next morning, the first thing I did was check on her.
Empty nest. Again. All day.
And that was the last I saw of her.
After 3 days, I got bold. I checked for an egg. I climbed up on the deck railing.
I leaned out and looked. I took a picture.

and for some perspective. . .

yeah, teeny.
Then, I looked inside.
Can you see the spider webbing holding it in place?
It is literally embedded there in the leaves.

Undeniable, an egg.
An egg, a baby bird, a life undeveloped.

Sorry, it is so blurred, but I was leaning out over the deck railing with one
foot on the tree, one hand pulling the leaves out of the way, and one hand holding the
camera in the air, not being able to see what I was shooting, so . . .

Sort of in mourning out here.


Katie said…
Soooo sad :( I wonder if there is some way to hatch it still...?
LA-jan said…
Keep it 98 degrees for 2-3 weeks, then feed it every 20 mins a mix of sugar water and ground insects ATC.
And if all that works, after it learns to fly, mama usually feed it another 2 weeks while she shows it feeding spots.
Sadly, I don't feel up to the task.