1942 "The Year We Went Wild" and how it began. . .

By LA-jan - January 30, 2013


FDR was President
Unemployment was 4.7%
The National Debt was a whopping $79.2 billion, (yes billion)
The first class stamp cost 3 cents
Casablanca premiers in theatres
The million copy seller Chattenooga Choo Choo becomes the
first Gold Record
Napalm was invented
Radar comes into operational use
The US government establishes the Manhattan Project
The  first safe self sustaining nuclear reaction is accomplished
No Nobel prizes are awarded due to the outbreak of WW2
and Eleanor Louise Holway of Echo Park, Ca went "wild"!

Love how she circled her happiest days! And January 1st
is circled, or did she mean the New Year's Eve ?

 it all "started with a bang" and "many a moon", even "all the rage" were
 sayings mom still said,
"super" and "swell", more topical of the day, lost their place in her language
 that I remember. 
I never found letters from 1942, so no "hot letter" to post.

Wow, mom, working and taking 5 classes! And dancing all weekend!
Party girl goes wild!

"oh oh oh - Boy!!" love that! Those uniforms "do something to me"!

 "Bundles for Britain"? What is this. . . well my curiosity got the best of me:

" America, thought Natalie Latham, as reported in a 1941 LIFE magazine article, was not doing nearly enough to help its friends across the Atlantic. A New York socialite and twice-divorced mother of two little girls, Mimi and Bubbles, Latham was growing increasingly aware of Britain's plight, as 1941 got off to a cold start.
According to Lorraine B. Diehl in her book Over Here! New York City During World War II, Latham borrowed, rent-free, a vacant Park Avenue store, purchased a box of wool yarn, posted on the store window a sketch of a sailor, and spent all that first day with a few of her high-society friends knitting gloves, socks, and sweaters for the British servicemen on the North Sea.By the end of that night, the store was packed with passersby who wanted to lend a hand.Latham was not a moment too soon. Nationwide rationing began in England on January 8, 1940. Six days later, Bundles for Britain was launched."

By 1942 it was all the rage!

Below freezing in LA?? Maybe this was the year they had snow?!!

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