Mom's Thanksgiving 1942

It was all talk about their Marines!
. . . and not much else of Thanksgiving.
And she mentions work.
I found a letter she had written, a draft, that was never sent.
It is to Klyne (yes, Katie, you are right). I
was also anxious to find out how she to writes
to him after his very "excited" letters we've seen.
She talks about work in this one.
I found it interesting. Earlier in the year, she speaks
about how challenging work is and school before that.
Now, she is more adept and well. . . read on:
 I guess she can feel a little more confident since jobs are so easy to get!
Her letters are so light, so friendly,  and no sense of the romance in return.
Like she always said, "there was no hanky panky!"


Dorothy said…
Janet, it is such a treat for you to keep sending these. I had no idea mom changed jobs so often before we came along. She loved that beach time! Don't we all....
LA-jan said…
I'm so glad you appreciated them. I love finding out all this about mom. so much great stuff!
LA-jan said…
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Katie said…
I love that she didn't send this so we could see what she wrote to her soldiers :)