Operation Uranus

By LA-jan - November 23, 2012

General Zhukov

He was the most decorated general officer in the history of the Soviet Union and
Russia. He launched a counteroffensive attack that encircled the entire German 6th
Army, the single largest Nazi troop formation of the time.
It was November 19th, 1942.
Mom made note of it in her diary.
But, not before a perfectly ordinary 
and not so wonderful day:

Africa was well under attack at this time with the Nazi General
Rommel, as you might remember, taking over Northern Africa.
The British had been pushed back into Egypt as the Germans
plan to take over Egypt, push through the Suez Canal
continued. However, a significant change in the course
of the War happened here.  The Battle of Alamein at El Alamein in Egypt, marked a significant turning point of World War II and was the first major victory by British Commonwealth forces over the German Army. The battle lasted from October 23 to November 3, 1942. 

Mom noted this too:

I was wrong. She was a bit of a historian!

But, in no time, she was just a girl having fun with the soldiers again  

Imagine the soldiers meeting their "sweethearts" for Mass at the cathedral!
Hmmm... maybe a good movie to netflix for the weekend
check it out! 

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