Whaaaa. . . .

By LA-jan - December 04, 2010

I knew Taylor went in to do some extra credit for his speech class. Even he didn't know he was entering a Speech Competition. He almost didn't go because he was sick with a cold and was coughing with a sore throat and his voice was hoarse. When he arrived, there were 50 competitors. He gave his speech with the intent of getting disqualified so he wouldn't have to go on to the semi-finals and the finals. After all, his prof. said, give your speech and get extra credit. Just once? He said he messed up 3 times on purpose to make sure he wouldn't go on.
No luck. He advanced to the semi-finals. I think he must have stopped messing up, because he then found himself in the Finals with the last 4 contestants. He, being the only one not dressed in a suit. After all, he was giving an informative speech on "Longboarding" with a board prop. A suit? Couldn't be believable without the Element sweatshirt. Then, he crossed the line with the phrase "what the hell is a nanotube?" Fourth place.

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