The Worst Day Ever!

By LA-jan - December 10, 2010

So, this is how my day started. My bed leaking out everywhere! First, I noticed a leak at the corner drip, drip, dripping onto the carpet. S@#*! That is not good. So, I had to take the whole bed apart and found the bad guy that caused all this. Seam leaking on one of the water tubes. Leaked about 5 gallons of water:(((
This is what is looked like under everything after I scooped out about 3 or 4 gallons into a bucket. I had 2 hair dryers going on and off for a few hours trying to dry out the wood.

Nearby, this was where I had all the bedding pieces. Luckily, the top cover was not wet!

And pretty soon, everything was moved outside to dry. Glad this wasn't in your neck of the woods. I don't think freezing temps. would have helped me out at all. Here, a gentle breeze and 70 degrees was just perfect.

Got on to Facebook to pass on some wait time, and promptly got a viral video that I mistakenly opened and it got sent some 3-4 times to every friend I had. I had to change my password and felt a little guilty, so went to each friend to remove the posts! If I missed one or two, sorry, don't open, just delete.

Once, done with that, I got into my car to run some errands. Noticing my tank was on empty, I stopped to get gas. There was a car wash there, so I drove over to get a wash. The attendant noticed a gas leak!!! I called Auto Club to get a tow to my repairman, only to find out I had renewed the boys membership and not mine! Called Sean to get his # and got the tow. Waiting for the tow to show, I called my repair shop to let him know I was coming, only to find that he was closed!
Towed the car home and here it sits in front of the house leaking my tank of gas at $3.47/gallon, thank you very much!
Thought we should warn passersbys when they come upon the stench, as if they could figure out where it was coming from, but at least keep them from all knocking on my door to let me know they smell gas coming from my car.

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