There's Been A Whole Lot of Rain

By LA-jan - December 22, 2010

With storm after storm after storm, we've had a year's worth of rain in a week or two!
I've been under the weather of late so Terry and Taylor went out to get a Christmas tree. I flipped on the TV and in no time, this interrupted the show. . .

We had a break in the hard rain, so the guys go out to inspect the situation.

Finding overflowing and broken rain gutters, the repair work began before the next onslaught of rain began.

The ladder didn't reach all the high places, so Taylor improvises with cement blocks. Mind you, there is a break in the heavy rain, but, these guys are soaked, it is still raining.

Once repairs are done, they inspect the runoff. Success! At least for now, reassessment will commence after the next onslaught! Wish us luck!

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