Looking back . . .

With all that was going on, I'm just getting around to Christmas posting!

So, I'm starting with the beginning. . . and I decorated from one end of the house

to the other end of the house.

And still the rain was pouring down, lightning, thunder, hail and more rain!

And so we baked! Some Yuletide Toffee here. . .

and a few cookies here!

Taylor was Santa's helper! The bowl of green apples on the table, soon to be a pie!

And before we knew it, Christmas Eve!
Pizza night!

Joseph adds a little surprise to the photo! Heads up!

And the pizzas just keep rolling out!

Our celebrity People's Choice Nominees!
Watch Jan. 5th!

Was it Christmas or St. Paddy's Day!??

The twins show off a few gifts . . . why there's Joseph again!

and the kids are getting wild!

Mom wins the Lotto! Linda's grand daughters help her count her winnings!
It comes to $375!

And Melanie seems a bit surprised by her Spa Day gift!

And the night winds down with a quiet moment. Happy Christmas to all!


Whittaker Woman said…
Loved getting to spend time with you guys. Hope you had a great Christmas day! H