Filming again in the 'hood

I came home last night to my house lit up eerily bright!

No one else in the neighborhood had their house bright lighted. It was so wierd and spooky.

I came in the house and looked out the front door to see what was going on and. . .

couldn't see a thing for the blinding light coming from across the street!
I found Taylor in his room deep in thought, hunched over his computer getting ready for a final. Looking up "oh, some guy knocked on the door and said there'd be a light shining on the house for a couple hours, is it there?"
An indy film "Beginings" was being filmed and a car sequence was filmed right in front of our house.


Katie said…
How cool! Your house is going to be in a movie! You'll have to go see it!
Dorothy said…
You have the "happening" location!