Merry Christmas in sunny LA!

In the sunny LA 78 degrees, I send out greetings of sunshine and fair weather to the East Coast digging out of snow laden walkways, driveways etc.

I decorated the front door, porch and am showing off my wreath sent to us by our contractor who completed our dream kitchen this summer! Thank you Mr. Bailey!

And even got to decorating that poor tree that sat for a few days undecorated and lonely in the corner of the living room neglected. Unfortunately, since my tree is decorated somewhat monochromatic in white, silver and gold, much of it you can't see. I turned on the lights, and they don't even show up. Really, it looks really nice in person! You'll just have to imagine how great it looks! ;-)

Merry Christmas from LA!


Katie said…
Didn't you get a real tree? How is it white?? Or is that a second tree? It looks very pretty!
Dorothy said…
Oh - it is so beautiful! and classy! We have a colorful tree with the kids ornaments from elementary school! My silver, gold and white tree didn't make it up this year. Love your front door!
LA-jan said…
It'a a flocked tree and yes, it's real! We don't have snow in So. Cal., so we make believe!