Tonight I care for a teenager with a sign above her bed that reads "Hope".
Her parents visit and plead for 1 and 1/2 hrs. for her to wake up.
She does not.
She is tired, they say. She is trying, they can tell, when her eyes flicker.
God will heal her and she will wake up, they tell me.
They believe, they hope.
Her beautiful graduation pictures are on the wall.
Pictures of the girl she once was.
Hope rests above.
Do miracles happen?
Here is one:


Olivia came from Tawaiin with a heart defect and terrible arrythimias. She was an ECMO graduate post-op. She was terribly critical and tried to die several times during her course. She spent months in our ICU. She is a miracle.


Katie said…
Miracles definitely happen.
Dorothy said…
Wow, that little baby is so cute! Is she fine now?
LA-Eileen said…
Great blog. Very poetic. It's wonderful when there is a good outcome especially when it starts out otherwise.