Sometimes it is the little things that make us feel great. For me, it is this tiny little closet in the hallway that makes myself feel terrific.

It is our broom closet. Just a broom closet. . . but everytime I needed the broom, the mop, the dustpan, a screwdriver out of the tool box we keep in here, it would be a major waterfall with everything falling out on top of me. Then, I would shove everything back in and close the door. . . fast.

Then, it was the same thing when I had to put the item away. Arrgh!

Off to Target I went and returned with a few hooks and clips and I grabbed Terry for a little help.

He got out his tools and I emptied the closet and got rid of all the stuff that accumulated in the closet we no longer used. Already looking better.

Up went the hooks and the aprons had a home.

Up went some clips and the broom, dustpan and mops had a permanent home they couldn't escape from.

On the other wall, the feather duster, hand broom and the swifter mop found their place.

Even the back wall got hooks for the plastic
bags, vacuum bags, and even the step stool!

Now, the floor had usable space for carpet cleaner and paper bags and tool boxes!

Cleaning up is a breeze and I don't mind doing it like I used to!

Life is great when the littlest things make the biggest difference!


Katie said…
We have an entire room that serves as a closet for stuff we don't use. We should really get rid of a lot of stuff!!
Dorothy said…
Great organization! I need to get motivated to tackle a few closets and drawers!