Backyard Critters

By LA-jan - August 25, 2009

Going upstairs, Terry calls out from the bottom of the stairs "check this out!"

Now, it's not that we've never seen them before, but towards the end of avacado season, these guys have never been so" well-fed". Also, I've never had the chance to catch them on camera.

I grabbed the camera and followed them upstairs as Terry made too much noise and they retreated up the tree.

After a few unsuccessful photos through the window with the flash, I caught their curiosity as I opened the window.
This tree is about 10 ft. from the window. This guy sat on the branch and watched me take photos with curiosity, even going so far as to lie down and cross his paws, as if posing!

Then, the partner's curiosity was aroused and came down for a look!

After a few moments, they were bored with me, went down the tree looking for fallen avacadoes I presume.

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  1. So crazy. They were so comfortable being so close to you - do keep the window open, you may have house guests:)

  2. They're so cute! We have a huge groundhog living under our porch and it always comes out and eats everything out of our garden! We don't know how to get rid of it!