Friends for 8o years!

By LA-jan - May 03, 2009

It never ceases to amaze me, these girls friendship. . . friends that met in the 5th grade, grew up together, dated together, got married and had kids together, widowed and grieved together, supported each other and still do after some 80 years!

Standing here in front of "The American Girl" , these girls sure are. Saw the depression together, World War II, the baby boom, the civil rights movement and Vietnam together and ushered in a new millenium together. And still they are together!

Sure, now and then they sit for a rest, but these ladies move. They keep involved and active. No, none of them drive anymore, but they sure get around. Here, at the Farmer's Market and The Grove, next week out to Descanso Gardens or Disneyland or University of Fullerton or a live theatre production, maybe the next throwing a party for family and friends, we should all be so lucky!

We all love and admire these girls for the lives they've led and the support they've given and the inspiration they provide. I'm so proud and happy to be and integral part of their lives.

Time is short, but each moment is precious!

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