One mother's joy!

By LA-jan - May 11, 2009

This is such an excellent photo!
Why? You might ask?
That is Sean testing his Senior Design Project "Phase-Locked-Loop", and it interferes with my frequency on my digital camera!
Again. . . why is that excellent? I asked the same question. I took this picture because he's been working on this for months, 80% research, 20% application, and it is all over my dining room table and he starts smiling and says "I did it! I did it!"
I show him the picture and he says
"Excellent, I'm on your frequency! (Don't ask me what it does), but there's been such a degree of frustration lately, that this is excellent joy!
That's progress and that's my joy!
I hope all Mother's had such joy on their Mother's Day!

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