Mother's Day!

It all started at the base of the West Covina Compound, our Ground Zero base of operations!

The two Commanders in Chief delegated duties and oversaw the operations on the field!

We proceeded to execute field operations once orders were received!

Stategy sessions were held with field commanders and plans were outlined and tested.

Relaxation and much joviality were central themes in base operations as you can see here!

Nonetheless, action in the field commenced and rations were prepared for the upcoming field excercise. . . moving troops to the Getty Center for exploration of artifacts, grounds and of course, picknicking.

Several troops were sent out to scout other locations and meet with their commanders, er, mother's, for their orders!

The result: Mission Accomplished!


Katie said…
How fun!! It would have been fun to join in on the festivities!
Dorothy said…
That is quite the story - or should I say mom's day military operation! Glad everyone had a good time.