Cooking Class!

By LA-jan - May 25, 2009

Pat joined us this weekend with the ladies! She held a cooking class!

I've always wanted to learn how to make her cabbage rolls that Terry grew up loving, and she showed us all by holding a class in mom and Aunt Dorothy's kitchen!

After grocery shopping, she got right to work and we all pitched in.

Aunt Dorothy said she had made them before but had forgotten how and it started to come back to her.

I learned a lot about how to cook the cabbage so that you can pull the leaves off the head and roll the filling.

Pat doesn't use a recipe, so it was all a little of this, oh, maybe a bit more of that and so on till it felt just right!

We made enough for our dinner with leftovers, then I got to work on the next batch while the ladies sat and had oh'derves.

I filled another couple of baking dishes, for takehomes for me and Pat and for a couple of freezer dinners for the twins for later!

Yum! Smells delicious!

Do I smell a new Memorial Day tradition!??!

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