Technical difficulties :-(

My camera is infected, my laptop is on life support. . . my blog maybe be terminal if things don't turn around. My computer/tech MD is involved elsewhere (2000 miles away) and I'm at a loss.

I was about to blog the latest events of the remodel, however, now, without pictures, it seems quite boring really.

We, Mr. Roberts, my architect, and I faced the Building and Safety of LA and proceeded to get the ball rolling on the city's approval. First, we went to apply for building permits. That took 2 hours and some $300 to find out we need a Grading Permits or Waiver for a lone cement pad (all of 18 inches) to support a lone beam on our precarious hillside property! Ha! Going downstairs to get that, we were told to come back when the inspector was available: 7:30-8:30 am. It was by then, about 12:30.

So back we went to Grading this morning, armed with pictures, engineering calcs, and structural plans. The lone supervisor, Sergio, for our area of LA, was tied up for 45 mins. with plans ahead of us. I ran out to feed the meter in the pouring rain (it never rains in June!!) while we waited. Sergio waived us our grading inspection with barely a glance at our fortressof evidence built for our lone cement pad ( for another fee) and off we went for approval for permits. One hour later we were approved (no fee!!). Next, the contractor gets the permits that are now cleared and we are ok to proceed!!

I was going to show off my samples that I've been loading up on. Sample cabinet door, sample countertops, sample backsplash material, sample paint chips. I've filled a three ring binder with bids for appliances, plumbing fixtures, spec sheets on every single item I've ever considered from door hardware to doors and windows, all the way to ventilation hoods! I've filled another folder with floors plans, cabinet plans, receipts, final bids, permit applications and invoices! And we haven't even started! We're wickedly obsessed!


Katie said…
It's so exciting that you're getting the ball rolling though! Congratulations!
Dorothy said…
What a organizational feat! So fun getting through the permit hurdles - yeah! I hope you get your camera fixed soon:(
LA-Eileen said…
What a feat getting those permits! So ridiculous what you had to go through for an 18" pad of cement. You know you would have needed your mountains of evidence if you hadn't had it though.

Hope to see pictures soon. Can I hire you for my house when you are finished?