Kitchen Update!

OK , so I told you about all the planning. . . now that my techno stuff is functioning I can update you with pictures! Yeah!

So, here is my planning binder full of plans, permit applications, specs. . . I've got divisions for everything from countertops to windows, ventilation to windows, cooktops to refrigeration, doors to hardware! People are starting to ask us if we are designers!

Here are some of the samples I've been collecting. . . a sample door, some paint chips, some counter top material.

So, then I emptied out the dining room. Well, almost emptied out the dining room. I was told 300 cubic feet were needed for the cabinets that were coming. Ummm. . . let's get out the calculator. . . yeah, this should do. . .

Well, here they came and some spillage went into Sean's bedroom. So nice of him to leave and let me fill up his room!

OOh, here's a peak at one of the cabinets!

The cabinet installer came over after they arrived to make sure they were all here, in good shape and what we wanted. Well, we have two extra cabinets!

Here is a peak at our wine cooler. It has two temperature zones. One for red, one for white! Ooh, perfect for those wine tasting parties!

Here's a peak at our top pick for the counter top! Not granite. . . not marble. . . quartzite! Supposed to be even stronger than granite, but looks like marble to me. . . what I would have if it would stand up to my cook, which it won't!


Dorothy said…
You guys are amazing designers! I love seeing all the samples. Love that counter top and cabinets. That is going to be gorgeous!

Happy Fathers Day to Terry!
LA-Eileen said…
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LA-Eileen said…
Wow! You are a pro! Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. I love the wine cooler. Wow, two temps!
I see the cabinets are kind of an antique creamy color. That was what I was going to paint my cabinets 2 years ago. I'm awed that you picked the same. Didn't think my taste or design abilities are anywhere close to yours. I'd better pick something else so I don't copy you.
What about the floor? Will you keep the current floor?