Update from Sean

I spoke with Sean this evening. He was so excited! (It takes a lot to get Sean real excited!) His robotics team made their power point presentation, qualified for the event, and took 5th place (out of 50 bots) for design! Fuel cell, baby!
Here is a link to the site at the university. They don't have pictures yet for this year, but if you're interested, they have previous years events pictures and results:


He competes at 0700 tomorrow morning! May the force be with you and your team, Sean!


Katie said…
Impressive! Let us know how it goes!
Dorothy said…
Fantastic! Sean must be excited for tomorrow too.
LA-Eileen said…
Very cool! You must have wished you could be there to see it. How did it go?
LA-Eileen said…
Great pictures on the website. Hope to see 2009 soon. Resend us the link when Sean's pictures are posted.