The Kitchen plan is moving along!

It's seemed like only plans, like it would never really happen. This kitchen remodel has been in the works for years; about seven of them. So everytime I think about it, it just seems like it is in the future, a long time in the future. Well, things are starting to feel like its really going to happen! Today the kitchen designer sent out the installer to check measurements. A couple days ago the estimate came in from the contractor. We'll be putting in our cabinet order next week! It's really going to happen! Now, I can start to feel excited! Yeah!


Katie said…
I can't wait to see it!
Dorothy said…
I bet you are excited to see it all come together!
LA-Eileen said…
Very cool! By the picture I thought
we were about to be invited to a spaghetti dinner!

How exciting to be about to begin after so long in the planning phase. I'm sure it will be unbelievable when the action begins. How great to have this blog to keep up to date with your progress.