By LA-jan - April 04, 2009

In an earlier blog, I let you in on the story of a little boy whose little heart just started to give out in what turned out into a long night of worry. After spending a couple of weeks on ECMO, we got FDA approval for "compassionate use" of the Berlin heart for him. The Berlin is a pump designed especially for the small, but also used for the adult. Not approved yet for use in the USA, FDA gives "compassionate use" approval on an individual basis. This now is our second one on the unit.

This is the unit that powers the pump. It works so well, that kids are weaned off the ventilator, off the cardiac IV drips that have been supporting the heart and are able to have a more "normal" life moving around and interacting! They can live for months waiting for a transplant if needed. We have now a baby and our young boy waiting and they are doing well with a new lease on life for them and for their families!

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