Good News!

Our little patient got a new heart last week! He's doing great and has a new lease on life! When we took him off the ventilator, his first words were "I feel so much better!"
Sign up to be an organ donor today!


Dorothy said…
I am an organ donor - just feel like they are getting a bit worn out:)
LA-Eileen said…
Great news! Glad to hear it. I went to an organ donation collaborative in New Orleans a couple of years ago. The donor families were grateful for the chance to donate. They told us to be sure to offer the option to every family. One heart recipient was a lady in her 50's. She felt guilty to get the heart of a young man of 20. She could hardly live with herself thinking of his sacrifice. Until his mother told her, "My son didn't die to give you his heart. My son died and you got his heart." What a difference organ donation makes!