What's Terry Cooking Tonight?

Tonight, he got started late because we're still working on the projects
we started this last month and have still not completed.
I did get our IKEA hack done and will post that soon.
But, tonight I wanted to share Terry cooking, not because of the
meal he is preparing, but because we discovered new music!
Usually he cooks to Frank Sinatra, the Rat Pack, or Swing.
He mixes in some Louis Armstrong and Nat King Cole when
he's feelin' it.
But tonight, it's jazz.
We've discovered the Hot Sardines!
And as Taylor's Black Studies Prof says when Taylor said
"Ya, I listen to Jazz", and to a room full of black students who didn't,
he asks "how much Jazz do you listen to?'
Taylor replied "Occasionally!" and his Prof says
"now, I KNOW he's not lyin', cause no one listens to jazz all the time!"

So if the mood strikes ya . . .

Have fun with the Hot Sardines!


Katie said…
You never said what terry was cooking!
LA-jan said…
Veal cutlets smothered in mushrooms, yukon potatoes and spinach with bok choy! But, it supposed to be what he was cooking to :))
Dorothy said…
Great Jazz! Nice mix'n it up!!!
Lauren Hall said…
Love this! Music makes anything more fun :)