FIRE! On Father's Day

"Smoke was visible from as far away as Santa Monica, as firefighters were rushed to the area and rivers were seen making U-turns on freeway ramps to escape the flames burning under the interchange of the 2 and 5 freeways."

We were there, and that was us!
The flames engulfed a hill and had spread down the hill to
the fwy and the wind must have carried it across
the lanes. When we got there, we saw smoke and alot of
activity and it looked as if the authorities had just arrived and we
thought were funneling cars off
the right lane to exit. But, I stopped as the cars were starting to back up
and jam the lanes.
The flames must have been 35-40 feet high and coming right towards us!
The smoke was incredibly thick.
There was no exit as cars were still coming behind us.
The lane to my left was free, but it is hard being the first car going the wrong way on the fwy!
 I turned the car around, although it took
a 3 point turn since I had the SUV and only 1 lane, but
did it and so did everyone else behind me.

We did turn around on the fwy to escape the flames and smoke.
 We didn't think to get pictures as we panicked and fled the scene.
We exited to the interchange to the other Fwy. 

I did find a couple on the web.

Once we got off the Fwy, we calmed down and saw the
helicopters dropping water.

and then at the Reservoir, scooping it up

It only took about 60 secs to fill and then within 5 mins they had dumped
it and returned for another fill!

Taylor got a video

but if you'd like a laugh and a little more entertainment value,
this video is from the Griffith Park fire 9 years a ago that someone
caught the same thing, but with a little more dramatic license!

Hope every Father had a little less excitement on their day!


Lauren Hall said…
Wow!! That is so scary - I don't know what I would do! I'm so glad you got turned around safely!
Dorothy said…
Crazy! Glad you guys didn't have any damage or get caught by an flames!!!!