Christmas Morning . . . the 26th! and more---

By LA-jan - January 08, 2016

After my phone conversation with Dorothy
about her lazy Christmas morning, 
I was a little melancholy about our rushed
morning and no time even to rush open a few gifts
pop a fast food chili burger 
and call it Christmas morning!
We've done that too long.
With Sean and Katie here, I thought,
we have to find a way to change
And so, we came up with
Christmas morning Boxing Day!
But, we'll be opening the boxes!
First and foremost, we were all
exhausted from all the prep and parties,
so we slept in!
Yeah! Around 10 am we started slowly
moving about and coffee was made
and Cinnamon rolls popped into the oven.

Coffee in hand we settled in front of our stash!

I am including so many pictures of the wrapped gifts
because I was amazed at the level of wrapping
that everyone did! These gifts are beautiful and I just left out paper
and ribbon and boxes and they worked this magic!
Some of these boxes needed no wrapping, as they were given to me
by Terry's mom years ago. Buffums and Bullocks boxes from many
years ago still hold up and are gorgeous! That gold box with the white and red,
over 30-40 years old! All that was added was the ribbon and tag!!

One of the highlights was Terry's gift that Taylor and I got for him.

The entire James Bond series from the 60's to present on BluRay DVDs!
We had just seen Spectre in the movies, so there was a slot to add it to this

Ok, I did take a "selfie" to prove I was there,
this was a gift Eileen had given 
me the night before. She handmade soap
and it smelled oh so gooood!

The next morning was Sunday morning and our day with
She elected for lunch at the Tam O'Shanter

Oh, so funny that the link for the picture was MadHungryWoman!
No pun intended!
It's her favorite restaurant.

Hey, these selfie's keep me in the party!

We then headed down to San Clemente and John and Colleen and James
(who spent their Christmas with John's family)
met up with us with cards and fun!

Taylor and Sean got to try out the gyro-copter

It took a little getting used to flying it

but he got the hang of it!

Not as fantastic as Eric's drone, but fun nonetheless!

It was a great holiday, so full of family fun
surrounded by love and cheer! 

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