Let's Party and (It's Heeeerrre!)

By LA-jan - January 05, 2016

El Nino comes slammin' in!

No wild eyed videos this time exclaiming the wonders 
of rain falling out of the skies,
no sarcastic witty links to amazed and scared
Angelinos wondering what is that wetness and sound
coming from above,
we've been warned for months to expect this wet El Nino
phenomenon, this potentially life shattering occurence forcasted
to change our lives, flood our landscape and devastate our hillsides.
Now, we know better, now we're jaded like the rest of you.
It's raining, so what, get on with it.
(Oh, it's still great! Who am I fooling!)
But, I digress, on with the blog:

With Christmas Eve at John and Danielle's new house
the gang was all there.

We quickly got down to the business of pizza,
and with a "pro"  and a near certified "chef" in the kitchen,
we were in good hands

it was great catching up with family

Sean and Katie drove 11 straight hours that day and made
it just in time for the festivities!

Back in the kitchen, there were pizza lessons for the youngest
tossers !

and the lessons were terrific

as well as the mad skills of the student.
I guess it just runs in the family!

and that yielded a great reward

every nook and cranny in the house
you could find family having fun!

But, the time went quickly
and it was time to say goodnight
till tomorrow!

Christmas morning is a quick run for burgers, the tradition,
as the Christmas party takes up the day.
This year we started a new tradition of moving a lazy Christmas
morning to the 26th, so we "could" be lazy and take our time!

But, Christmas Day is another story. It is turkey with all the trimmings!
A lovely table set with china and silver.
The works!
But, alas, as I was so busy with the preparations, I neglected early party
I didn't pick up the camera till after dessert was served and I could
take time out!

We had the traditional Christmas "crackers" and the party
hats were still on!
Everyone was pleasantly relaxing!

The games came out and so did the smiles

Even Dan made it in to the party!

But, these two sisters, they stole the show!

We were falling over each other trying to get this picture!

Katie and  Bentley were in the mood to party!

And it was all relaxation here as the party wound down!

These two might be at the end of their night

But the party spirit lasted long!

We finished off with the "gift exchange"  and
oh so fun!
And about 1am, it was time to say goodnight!
Next up, our Christmas morning on the 26th!

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