We had a bit of rain . . .

By LA-jan - September 15, 2015

It's raining in Southern California!
We have a thing or two to learn out there on the road.
So, the rest of the U.S., just sit back and laugh at us.
Anyone from So. Cal, take notice!!!

Honestly, we had 1.7 inches of rain last night before 7 am.
You'd think the end of the world was coming!
This morning, in my little neighborhood, I saw a tree felled, a rockslide, a swift water rescue, and
we had a freeway closure!
I don't know how the freeways fared overall, but I am sure they were a h@$&
of a lot of fender benders!

And then there is  this side of us too:

What happens when it rains in LA

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