Did You See It?

By LA-jan - September 29, 2015

September 27th!!
Did you get to see a bit of the SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse? 

Although, we left coasters would not be able to view the first two phases
of the eclipse, it was an exciting event, none the less!
Eileen and Marty scouted the best spot, that we could make it
to and back. Ideally, we would like to have been out in the
desert east of our site, but we settled on a lockout a little over
5000 feet high overlooking the valley.
Marty and Eileen loaded the Westie with snacks and dinner and a couple
bottles of wine and water bottles, along with table and chairs.
They picked up Tim and Lisa and got to the site early
to get a good spot, in case of a crowd.
Taylor and I joined them around 6:15 as the sun was setting.
At that time, the sky was still light, the city lights were not seen,
and the moon was low to the east behind a mountain.
We had no doubt this was a stellar site!

As the sky darkened, we checked the horizon for signs of the moon.
As we checked our watches, we knew the eclipse was well underway!
A little anxiety was growing!
Next to us, a group with kids, was also anxious.
We overheard a grandpa voice, to a youngster
"We must be patient, the earth is rotating just as fast as it can".
Taylor reminded us, the was about 1,000 miles/hr!
And, the moon is revolving around the earth at another
1000 miles/sec. So, we'll be patient.
Meanwhile, Marty brought up how well
they saw the moon the night before in their yard!
Oh! Should we have gone to their yard
instead of driving all the way up here?
A little nervous laughter was spreading!
The drama was building.
We talked and laughed and had some wine
and dinner.
A few cars drove away.
Then, all at once, we saw it, rising over the mountain!

OK, a little dramatic license here,  I took these pictures off the internet, 
but these were close!
The excitement was intense all of a sudden!
The moon was nearly totally eclipsed and dark red.
 However, we were mistakenly interpreting the moon
to be coming out of the eclipse already!
We thought it was almost over!
The sky was soooo dark! It was kind of cloudy, no one could get a picture
of what we were seeing.
Look at the pictures we got at the time with a flash.
Taylor set up and focused the telescope for us!

  I surprised Eileen, but couldn't even see what I was taking a picture of.

She surprised me, and totally blinded me with her flash!

Look how dark, even with a flash!

The lights of the city were a distant glow!

I was surprised that I could even get this picture!

So, since we could not get the umbre pictures during total eclipse,
I borrowed a few off the internet to show you what we saw in the telescope!

When we saw this glow at the edge, we realized we were only
half through, we had been watching the totally eclipsed moon,
and still had the other half to watch!
Now, we didn't miss so much!
And then, this happened and we knew this was the better half! 

The light was blinding! Intense! Almost like looking at the sun!
As the light grew, we lost the umbre, but we could now figure how
to take pictures through the lens of the telescope!
Taylor got some spectacular shots:

This one shows so well how blinding the light was coming back!


By 9:30, the moon was full again and we loaded up and drove
down the long windy road with plenty of moonlight to 
light the way!
Stellar night!

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