A Look Back at Summer 2015

By LA-jan - September 23, 2015

We've had a busy summer and I've really
not been that great at posting what's been going on.
So much to do that is not really post worthy has taken
over that which was.
I have a day now that finds a couple hours for a look back.
Come on and join me, if you like.

Earlier this summer, we finally started our bedroom update.
We've, or rather, I've, been planning this for some time.
Something always took precedence. Time was never
right and well, it always got shoved till later.
Finally, we found a few days to look, plan and start the project.
We didn't get far, but it is a start!
I've got lots more to do that I had planned to do, but, once again,
something else got in the way!
But, this part we did get done and I got few pictures in the process.

Several months ago, I bit the bullet and just went ahead and ordered a new headboard
and stashed it in the guest room till we got around to attaching it.
There it sat among all the remodeling take backs and rejects
from the last project. Sean and Katie were scheduled to arrive in a week or two
and stay in that room, so we had a mission. We had to clear all that stored stuff
out to make room!
After returning the take backs and rejects, there sat the headboard with no place to go but
on our old bed!
So, we got to work making that happen!

Off came the 70's headboard and attached bedside tables of our platform bed!
Taylor and Terry attached the new headboard in no time!
We had even found our new bedside tables and dresser!

and it was going to get a lot worse, before it got better!
There is the old 70's dresser against the wall in all it's IKEA glory!
The drawers haven't worked well since the 90's!

But, it did get better . . .


There is still so much more to do, like taking advantage of these ceilings with a
terrific light fixture above the bed

Eventually new paint, new artwork and decor, even lighten up those curtains
and changing hardware. Someday . . .

Sean and Katie came for a visit and brought their dog Bentley!
First, Sean wanted to see Grandma and introduce
her to Bentley!

Terry got busy with the pizza party we planned for them!

and people started arriving to pitch in and help with the festivities 

everyone wanted to have a turn with Taylor and his pizza skills!

Bentley had his dinner in the backyard

Great pizza tossing lesson, Taylor!

And before we knew it, we headed for the beach!
Of course, we started with lunch on the pier!

then a lazy afternoon watching the sunset!

while the guys worked off lunch with a game of Frisbee!

We came back and shared stories on the front patio

 Eileen came in for a visit and brought her fresh figs from her tree
along with a nice brie and crackers!

Terry wanted to try out his garlic mushrooms on us

we had a very nice Pinot Grigio
and then surprise!
Out came some Crepes Suzette "flamed"!

We are so spoiled!
And we're lovin' it!

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