It's Getting Better all the Time

Another day, a little more done on the remodel for
Terry's mom's rental unit.
Early in the morning last Friday, we were up for the
counter top install.
The project manager inspects!

When they had come out for the measurement, they had requested
supports for the overhang. This irritated the project manager, Taylor,
who had strong opinions on mid-century style and that it should be
a free-floating overhang.
After all, there were 3 inches of concrete, plywood and tile on this same overhang
and we just replicated it with plywood and. . .
well, you don't argue with the installer, if you want it installed.
Our first choice was quartz. We found it out of our
budget for this project, but found this solid surface so much more affordable.
The drawback is heat resistance, but we took home a sample
and did our own tests. We boiled water in a pot and set it directly
on the sample and waited. Nothing happened!
We found out that almost anything but a cast iron skillet or dutch oven
would get hot enough to do the damage.
Then, scratches, can't cut on it. Well, not supposed to cut on stone
either, but for different reasons, it will dull your knives!
This, though, can be sanded and buffed to get rid of damage!
A rental! Sold. We can just have it resurfaced between tenants if needed!
We also liked that it is not highly polished nor is it cold to touch. 
Looks like a honed counter top.
And the color looked really nice in here.

Well, that faucet just has to go. More on that later. I totally apologize for not taking more pictures of the day.
It kinda got too busy and I was so tired. We ended up cancelling
our dinner reservations that night for my birthday,
but Terry prepared a lovely salmon dinner with a
lovely Chardonnay. And that was that.
How wonderful to have my own personal chef!

No pictures of the salmon, but here are a few pics of
a previous dinner experience.



Dorothy said…
Yum! What kind of counter top is that?
Dorothy said…
By the way, the pictures are great.
LA-jan said…
The counter is solid surface, like a corian, is acrylic. It looks better than I thought it would, they've come along way since I remember corian!
Katie said…
It really looks great - I am impressed at all the progress you've made! That apartment is wonderful.